ADSA09 Agenda

Final as of 10.21.2013

DAY ONE – October 22, 2013

Workshop location: Room 378, 140 The Fenway Building, Northeastern University

* Reception, Poster Session, Launch Ceremony, and Dinner Location: Ballroom, Curry Student Center, Northeastern University

8:00 AM Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Welcome – ALERT Michael B. Silevitch,
Director of ALERT, Robert D. Black Professor of Engineering,
Northeastern University

8:35 AM Welcome – DHS Laura Parker,
Program Manager, Explosives Division, Science & Technology Directorate,
Department of Homeland Security

8:40 AM DHS Centers of Excellence E2E Program Matthew Clark,
Director, Office of University Programs, Science & Technology Directorate,
Department of Homeland Security

8:45 AM Workshop Objectives Carl Crawford,

X-Ray Transmission
9:05 AM Photon Counting CT –
Potential Advantages Over Dual Energy
Taly Gilat-Schmidt,
Marquette University
9:30 AM Rapid Colour Tomographic Imaging Robert Cernick,
University of Manchester
9:55 AM Break
10:20 AM Multi-Energy X-Ray Detectors Patrick Radisson,
Multix Detection
10:45 AM System-Independent X-Ray Characterization of Materials Steve Azevedo,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
10:55 AM PFA Predictions Richard Bijjani,
Robehr Analytics
Cargo, Bulk and Other Methods
11:20 AM Explosives Detection at LANL Based on Novel Magnetic Resonance Methods Larry Schultz,
Los Alamos National Laboratory
11:45 AM Lunch
12:30 PM Background Cosmic Ray Produced Charged Particles for the Detection of Bulk Drugs and Other Contraband Michael Sossong,
Decision Sciences International Corporation
12:55 PM Bottle Scanner Technologies Ben Cantwell, Kromek
1:20 PM Multi-Spectral 3D Reconstruction and Data Fusion for Contraband Detection in Cargo Containers Steve Korbly,
Passport Systems
1:45 PM A Major Advance in the State-of-the-Art in Optical Remote Sensing of Trace Compounds Arsen Hajian,
Tornado Spectral Systems
Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)
2:10 PM Addressing Issues with Sample Collection Jimmie Oxley,
University of Rhode Island
2:35 PM An Engineering Basis for Improved Swab Technology Stephen Beaudoin,
Purdue University
3:00 PM Trace in Situ Explosives Analysis Using a Miniature Mass Spectrometer Ryan Espy,
Purdue University
3:25 PM An IMS with a Resolution of 1,000 Parts Per Trillion Sensitivity for Ambient Vapors Jerry Schmitt,
Nano Engineering Corporation
3:50 PM Adjourn to Curry Student Center Ballroom
Reception, Student Posters, Ceremony, Dinner, and Dinner Speakers*
4:00 PM ALERT Student Poster Session / Reception
Sponsored by Csuptwo
ALERT Students,
Carl Crawford, Csuptwo


5:00 PM ModeratorMichael B. Silevitch, Director of ALERT, Robert D. Black Professor of Engineering,
Northeastern University
Invited SpeakersJoseph E. Aoun, President of Northeastern UniversityDaniel M. Gerstein, Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology, Department of Homeland SecurityMatthew Clark, Director, Office of University Programs,
Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland SecurityStephen W. Director, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Northeastern UniversityRichard O. Buckius, Vice President for Research, Purdue University (letter to be read in his absence)Gerald Sonnenfeld, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, University of Rhode IslandGloria S. Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research, Boston University
6:00 PM Dinner
6:50 PM Detection of Ambient Explosive Vapors at Concentrations Juan Fernandez de la Mora,
Yale University
7:15 PM Adjourn Carl Crawford,

DAY TWO – October 23, 2013

7:30 AM Continental breakfast
8:00 AM Call to Order Carl Crawford,
8:05 AM ADSA10 Topics Carl Crawford,
AIT (Body Scanning)
8:10 AM Challenges and Opportunities for Improved Mm-Wave
Whole Body AIT Threat Discrimination
Carey Rappaport,
Northeastern University
8:35 AM GPU Accelerated Ray Tracer for Simulating a Portal Based Security System Kate Williams,
Northeastern University
Technology Transition
9:00 AM Hurdles to the Adoption of New Methods Matthew Merzbacher,
Morpho Detection
9:15 AM What’s the Problem with Neutrons for Explosive Detection? Harry Martz,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
9:30 AM Apples to Apples Discussion of emerging technologies George Zarur,
9:45 AM Where Does Video Analytics Go Next for TSA Octavia Camps,
Northeastern University
10:00 AM Break
10:25 AM Iterative reconstruction with Vendor Participation Charles Bouman
Purdue University
10:40 AM DNDO Algorithmic Needs and University Engagements Timothy P. Ashenfelter,
X-Ray Diffraction, Phase Contrast & Scatter
10:55 AM Algorithms and Architectures for X-ray Diffraction Tomography David Castañón,
Boston University
11:20 AM Coding and Sampling for X-ray Molecular Imaging David Brady,
Duke University
11:45 AM Detection with Spectral X-ray Detectors and the Complimentary Method of X-ray Diffraction Ed Morton,
12:10 PM  Lunch
12:55 PM The Application of Scatter Attenuation Tomography (SAT) for Explosives Detection Peter Rothschild,
American Science & Engineering
1:20 PM Gratings-based Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging for Improved Material Discrimination Erin Miller,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1:45 PM Novel Differential Phase Contrast 3-D X-Ray Imaging for Aviation Security Applications Bert Hesselink,
Stanford University
2:35 PM Vigilance decrement: When does it happen and what might be done Matthew Cain,
Harvard Medical School
3:00 PM Missed technologies Tim White,
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Wrap Up
3:25 PM Next steps Harry Martz,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
3:50 PM Closing remarks – DHS Laura Parker,
3:55 PM Closing remarks – ALERT Michael Silevitch,
Northeastern University / ALERT
4:00 PM Adjourn Carl Crawford,
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