ADSA23 Presentations

Session 1 – May 4

Carl Crawford – Setting the Stage

Frank Cartwright – TSA Perspective

John Fortune – About Screening at Speed and Passenger Self-Screening

Matthew Merzbacher – Setting the Stage II

Donald King – Operator inputs to standard operating procedures

Jay Stanley – Civil liberties issues around face recognition and other ML/algorithmic decision making systems; and security and civil liberties critiques of identity-based security

Session 2 – May 11

Richard Dempers and Eugene Kramer – Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems

Amir Neeman – Autonomous Decision Making by Screeners – Challenges and Benefits

Michael Tan – Automation with focus on passenger self-screening

Kate Saenko – Detecting, avoiding and mitigating bias in ML/AI systems

Eric Duff – 3D Deep Learning Computational Neural Network for Weapons Detection

Chris Smith – A testing and evaluation framework for ML-based algorithms

Tyler Karns – Black-Box Detection Explainability Utilizing RISE (Randomized Input Sampling for Explanation of Black-Box Models)

Yilin Yang – Generative Adversarial Networks for Simulant Validation

Session 3 – May 25

Robert Nishikawa – When AI Comes For Your Job: The Radiology Story

Keith Dreyer – Will Radiologists Give Up Control Over Reading Medical Images?

Brian Lewis and Michelle Weinberger – Curb-to-Gate Adaptable Systems

Morten Christensen – Next Generation Airport Hand Luggage Scanner

Mike Kemp – Multi Sensor Detection Systems

Tim Cargol – A Novel Method for RF Tomography and Acquiring Dielectric Signatures for Security Applications

Ben Herbig and Tim Lorenzen – Self/personalized passenger screening & Networking of screening devices

Carey Rappaport – Material Characterization for Millimeter-wave Passenger Inspection Inspections

Harry Martz – What Did We Hear and Not Hear?

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