ADSA24 Presentations

Session 1 – October 5

Michael Silevitch – Opening Remarks and ALERT’s Emeritus Status

Carl Crawford – Setting the Stage

Daniel McCoy – Technology Integration and Emerging Technology Trends

Frank Cartwright – TSA Perspective

Matt Gilkeson – TSA Perspective

Laura Parker – Collaboration with Third Parties

Diederik Stolk – Collaboration Methods

Lee Spanier – More Profound Collaboration

Roshni Sherbondy and Dave Menga – Collaborative Development of Open Standards

Sarina Baumgartner – Development of a Scientifically Based Training and Assessment Platform for X-ray Screeners

Joel Greenberg – Collaboration Experiences while Developing XRD with S&T, TSA and Vendors

Linda Bixby – LMI Examples of Collaboration

Jiang Hsieh – Collaboration Between Academia and Industry in Medical Imaging – A Vendor Perspective

Robert Nishikawa – Benefits of Vendors Collaborating with Academic for Medical Imaging – A Researcher Perspective

Session 2 – October 6

Richard Dempers and Eugene Kramer – Pragmatic Cybersecurity

Ben Herbig and Tim Lorenzen – Airline Perspective on Collaboration

Cameron Ritchie – A Vendor Perspective on Collaborations

Simon Bedford – On Collaboration – A Third-Party Perspective

Jack Corrigan – Ending Innovation Tourism

Gregory Pompelli – U.S -Mexico Task Force – COVID-19

Ge Wang – Deep Reconstruction

Andreu Badal – Validation of ML Algorithms for Medical Applications

Andy Spage – Calypso’s Software to Facilitate the Validation, Monitoring, and Security of Enterprise AI Platforms

John Fortune – About Screening at Speed and Passenger Self-Screening

Harry Martz and Carl Crawford – Summary and Next steps

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