ADSA25 Presentations


Carey Rappaport – Welcoming Remarks

Carl Crawford – Setting the Stage

Laura Parker – Protecting Soft Targets and Crowded Spaces -Engaging the Research Community

Michael Silevitch – Welcoming Remarks and Overview of the SENTRY DHS Center of Excellence for Protecting Soft Targets and Crowded Spaces

Sonya Proctor – Protecting Surface Transportation

Keith Goll – TSA Topics

Ali Fadel – DHS S&T Activities on Soft-Target Protection

Brian Michael Jenkins – Terrorism and Sophisticated Crime

James Alan Fox – Mass Shootings

Gina Ligon – NCITE’s (DHS Center of Excellence) Perspective on Protecting Soft Targets

Jacob Ludes – What Worried This High School Principal?

Ari Friedman – Securing Jewish Institutions

David Fannon – Architectural Design for Protecting Soft Targets

Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin – Balancing Stakeholder Needs for Protecting Schools

Diederik Stolk – Application of Serious War Gaming to Protecting Soft Targets for Developing Concepts of Operation and Requirements

Jennifer Hesterman – Humans Are the Weakest Link in Security – But Also Could Be the Greatest Asset!

Jeremy Wolfe – Being a Night Watchman When Protecting Soft Targets – Dealing with Rare Events

David Anderson – Optimizing Multi-Layered Security Screening

Brandon Behlendorf – Validating Adaptive Behavior Models of Adversaries for Risk Assessment

Wendy Riggs-Smith – Active Shooter Drills at Logan Airport

Rabbi Wesley Kalmar – Balancing Stakeholder Needs for Protecting Synagogues

Lisa Dolev – Qylur’s Experiences with Venue Protection

Michael Ellenbogan – Evolv’s Experiences with Venue Protection

Andrew Foland – Leidos’ Products for Protecting Soft Targets

Ajay Subramanian – Radar-based Threat Detection for Soft Target Applications

Don KimĀ  Emergent Challenges in Aviation Security that Drive the Need for Enhanced Detection Equipment

Patrick La Riviere – From EMI to AI: a Brief History of Commercial CTReconstruction Algorithms – Emphasis on Driving Forces

Matthew Merzbacher – Black Box AI and DHS Systems

David Huegli – Automation Reliability, Human-Machine System Performance and Operator Compliance: A study with Airport Security Screeners

Robert Hanson – Modeling and Simulation for Improved School Safety

Harry Martz – Summary and Next steps

Richard Dempers – Streamlining Security Equipment Tenders

Richard Dempers – Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems Status update

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