News Article/Event Archives From 2011

NOPP Names “Marine Mammal Detection and Monitoring” Funding Award Winners March 25, 2011

Gordon-CenSSIS Researcher Purnima Ratilal is one of five individuals awarded multiple-year funds for marine mammal detection, classification and localization by the National Oceanographic Partnership Program. Dr. Ratilal’s proposal topic: “Instantaneous Passive and Active Detection, Localization and Monitoring of Marine Mammals over Long Ranges”.

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Open Call for Proposals has Concluded March 9, 2011

CT Segmentation Project has ended the open call for proposals.

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President Aoun urges protection of Homeland Security research funding March 8, 2011

As president of a university that is home to one of the country’s Department of Homeland Security Centers of Excellence, Aoun is urging Sens. John Kerry and Scott Brown to oppose proposed federal budget cuts.

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