News Article/Event Archives From October 2020

ALERT SPARC Webinar Series 2020 October 30, 2020

ALERT is proud to announce that the full series of eight SPARC (Seminars to Promote ALERT Research and Collaboration) webinars is now available to watch online. These webinars were designed to provide attendees with a view of the collaborative research that ALERT faculty, industry members, and government partners have engaged in during the final year of ALERT’s core funding period.

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ALERT Researchers Work with U.S Army on Energetic Materials October 30, 2020

ALERT Research Thrust 2 lead, Professor Steve Beaudoin and Professor Jeffrey Rhoads, both of Purdue University, are engaged in a three-year collaboration with the US Army to advance technology concerning explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics.

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ALERT Phase 2 Year 7 Annual Report Available Online! October 30, 2020

In the Phase 2, Year 7 Annual Report, ALERT shares progress updates, milestone results and final outcomes of the projects in its four homeland-security research thrusts, related to explosives characterization; trace and vapor sensing; sensor and sensor system development; video analytics; and more.

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