DHS Centers of Excellence Summit 2018

University Research & Development to Protect the Homeland

This event is sponsored by the national network of university-led U.S. Department of Homeland Security Centers of Excellence (COEs), an extended consortium of hundreds of universities conducting research and education to address homeland security challenges.

The Summit goals are to:

  • Provide subject matter experts to discuss current and future homeland security challenges
  • Showcase innovative R&D tools and solutions to homeland security challenges
  • Facilitate collaboration among DHS COE researchers, homeland security enterprise leadership and component end-users and industry participants
  • Provide avenues to accelerate the transition from R&D to reality for those who protect the homeland

Who should attend:

Consider attending if you are in a DHS component, or are an existing or potential industry partner, and you are interested in learning more about Center of Excellence work in:

  1. Natural and man-made disasters: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery
  2. Securing and facilitating transnational flows
  3. Eliminating threats to transportation and other public venues
  4. Improving the security and resilience of interdependent critical infrastructure. 

Attendees of past Summits have included:

  • Researchers and innovators in academia, industry, and government
  • Chief scientists, program analysts, portfolio managers and other subject matter experts
  • Federal, state and municipal employees
  • First responders
  • DHS operators

To register and for more information on the Centers of Excellence Summit 2018, visit the summit’s website – www.cina.gmu.edu/coe-summit-2018

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