AIR FORCE RFP for Center of Excellence (CoE) in Guided-Wave Infrared Sources


TITLE:   Center of Excellence (CoE) in Guided-Wave Infrared Sources
FOA-RQKS-2013-02 URL:   go to full announcement

DUE:  07 December 2012

AWARD:    3 awards totaling $4.2M

SCOPE:   As part of the AFRL/RY (=Sensors Directorate) effort to advance infrared laser technology, this CoE will focus on developing the fundamental science of laser materials and devices required for infrared guided-wave generation, propagation and modulation.  The CoE will:

a) inform and engage the broader academic community on guided-wave infrared source development,
b) selectively leverage (and potentially integrate) advanced academic waveguide, semiconductor, and fiber fabrication capabilities,
c) leverage and extend in-house capability within AFRL/RY,
d) complement developmental AFRL/RY activities with fundamental efforts, and
e) provide a technical and human (via education of U.S. students) foundation for the Air Force to grow this vital technical area.

Research Concentration Areas:   The following are examples of technology areas of interest but, other guided-wave mid-infrared technology would be open for consideration.

  • IR fiber and ceramic lasers such as transition-metal-doped II-VI materials with broadband tunability and reduced thermal loads
  • IR semiconductor lasers (e.g. quantum cascade lasers) including single devices and coherent arrays
  • IR nonlinear frequency conversion devices and waveguides such as orientation patterned GaAs for tunable frequency conversion
  • Techniques for wavelength tuning, thermal management, beam coupling, and transport
  • Switches, isolators, modulators, and other components necessary for, or compatible with, an all-optically-confined system


Mr. William D. Mitchell, 937-528-8660, email:  [email protected]

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