FAILURE-RESISTANT SYSTEMS (FRS) A Joint Initiative between NSF and SRC NSF 12-556

DUE:  26  July  2012


AWARD:  15 to 20 Awards, each ranging from $300,000 to $400,000 over three years, will be made totaling $6M


SCOPE:  Proposals are solicited for foundational and transforming research into architectures, modeling, tools, techniques, and metrics for cross-layer approaches to reliability. While a comprehensive attack on reliability needs to address problems all the way from devices, through circuits and micro-architectures, to operating systems, middleware and application layer software, this particular solicitation will focus on the hardware aspects and on software techniques that directly interact with hardware.  pecifically excluded are application software and other software approaches that do not emphasize the impact upon the hardware. Within this intellectual framework proposals submitted in response to this solicitation are expected to address at least one of the following three categories.


  1.  Resilient system architectures

–          Interfaces for multi-level cooperation

–          Self-repairing and self-testing systems

–          Differential reliability

–          In-field techniques

–          Checkpointing

–          Graceful degradation and adaptation

–          Side-channel or debug interface

2.  Modeling of cross-layer reliable systems

–          Models, metrics and benchmarks for cross-layer reliable system design

–          Multi-level error filtering

–          Identification and characterization

–          Early detection

–          Formal reliability specification

3. Tools and automation for failure-resistant system design

–          Verification of system reliability

–          Multi-objective optimization

–          Scalability

–          Multi-layer testing

–          Tools and automation for cross-layer reliable design

–          Pinpointing failure-prone areas



–            Sankar Basu, CISE/CCF Program (703) 292-7843, email: [email protected]

–            Ahmed Louri, CISE/CCF (703)  292-8238, email: [email protected]

–            George Haddad, ENG/ECCS   (703) 292-8897, email: [email protected]

–            Anupama B. Kaul, ENG/ECCS (703) 292-8153, email: [email protected]

–            William Joyner, CADTS/SRC, (919) 941-9472, email: [email protected]

–            David Yeh, ICSS/SRC, (919) 941-9464, email: [email protected]

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