RFP for Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI FY13)

TITLE:  Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI FY13)

ONR BAA12-020

Grants.gov URL:  http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&oppId=192113

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DUE: White Papers 09 October 2012

Full Proposals  10 December 2012

AWARD:  Total amount of funding for five years available for grants resulting from this MURI BAA is estimated to be about $250 million dollars pending out-year appropriations. MURI awards are $1M – $2.5M per year, with the actual amount contingent on availability of funds, the specific topic, and the scope of the proposed work. Typical annual funding is in the $1.25M to $1.5M range.

SCOPE:  The MURI program supports basic research in science and engineering at U.S. institutions of higher education that is of potential interest to DoD. The program is focused on multidisciplinary research efforts where more than one traditional discipline interact to provide rapid advances in scientific areas of interest to the DoD.   DoD’s basic research program invests broadly in many specific fields to ensure that it has early cognizance of new scientific knowledge.

White papers and full proposals addressing the following topics 1 through 8 should be

submitted to the Army Research Office (ARO):

1. Artificial Cells for Novel Synthetic Biology Chassis

2. Molecular Co-Crystal Design and Synthesis

3. Reduced Cyber-system Signature Observability by Intelligent and Stochastic Adaptation

4. Non-equilibrium Many-body Dynamics

5. Materials with Spin Mediated Thermal Properties

6. Transforming Information within Nonequilibrium Nanosystems

7. Controlling Collective Phenomena in Complex Networks

8. Physiochemical Determinants of Cognition and Decision Making

White papers and Full proposals addressing the following topics 9 through 15 should be submitted to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR):

9.Measurement and Verification Methods in Quantum Information Science

10. New Quantum Phases of Matter

11. Multiphysics and Multiscale Failure Prediction through Peridynamic Theory

12. Electrochemical Dynamics in Nanoscale Systems

13. A New Paradigm in Sources and Physics of High-Power Ionospheric Modification

14. Magneto-electric Energy Conversion Materials: Terahertz Emission and Efficient Energy Conversion in Unbiased Dielectrics

15. Photonic Synthetic Matter

White papers and full proposals addressing the following topics 16 through 23 should be submitted to The Office of Naval Research:

16. Random Lasers, Nano-spasers and Optical Rogue Waves

17. Free Space Optical Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

18. Integrated Nanophotonics

19. Exploitation of Natural and Anthropogenic Noise for Ocean Exploration

20. Rare Element Replacement Strategies

21. Acoustic Metamaterials

22. Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Consolidation across Sleep Stages and Efficient Learning

23. Computational Foundations of Moral Cognition

Proposals from a team of university investigators are warranted when the necessary expertise in addressing the multiple facets of the topics may reside in different universities, or in different departments in the same university. By supporting multidisciplinary teams, the program is complementary to other DoD basic research programs that support university research through single-investigator awards. Proposals shall name one Principal Investigator (PI) as the responsible technical point of contact. Similarly, one institution shall be the primary awardee for the purpose of award execution. The PI shall come from the primary institution.

The relationship among participating institutions and their respective roles, as well as the apportionment of funds including sub-awards, if any, shall be described in both the proposal text and the budget.


One or more Research Topic Chiefs are identified for each specific MURI Topic. Questions of a technical nature shall be directed to one of the Research Topic Chiefs identified in Section VIII of the full BAA (see URL).

ONR MURI Overall Program Point of Contact:

Dr. Bill Lukens MURI Program Manager, email  [email protected]

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