Sandia National Lab Request for Proposals

Opportunities:  #659375 and #659371

The Open Threat Assessment Platform (OTAP) is a Sandia National Labs project aimed at developing and demonstrating an open architecture baggage screening prototype in support of TSA’s Open System Architecture initiative. OTAP is being developed in partnership with several Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) manufacturers and will allow a broad market of third-party vendors to develop and easily implement detection algorithms, software, fused solutions and specialized hardware upgrades on field deployable TSE.

Sandia has a need for:

  • automated/assisted threat recognition (ATR) capabilities for integration and application upon OTAP-enabled baggage screening AT or CT X-ray systems
  • enhanced and more standardized graphical user interfaces (GUIs) or data visualization techniques that could augment either the security effectiveness of the detection capability, the efficiency of the scanning process, or other aspects of carry-on baggage scanning operations on OTAP-enabled AT or CT X-ray platforms.

Awardees will have access to Sandia’s threat article and bag X-ray scan databases (upon approval from TSA) and the opportunity to develop and apply capabilities to an open hardware platform.

OTAP solutions will be demonstrated to TSA and will highlight awardee contributions.  Awardees may also secure interest from TSE vendors for partnerships.

Please contact Andrew Cox at [email protected] or Amir Neeman at [email protected] if you are interested in additional details.

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