ALERT Students Present at RISE: 2015

Dozens of ALERT students and researchers participated in the RISE: 2015 at Northeastern University earlier this month. Student poster authors and presenters included: Alastair Abrahan, Anthony Bisulco, Mohit Bhardwaj, Thurston Brevett, Alyssa Caganda, Yukinori Fuse, Galia Ghazi, Chenyang (Eric) Liu, Mohammad Nemati, Matthew Nickerson, Mohammad Tajdini, Luis Tirado,  and Michael Woulfe. (Udergraduate researchers, Alastair Abrahan, Thurston Brevett, and Michael Woulfe, are pictured to the right).

Each year, in an effort to support Northeastern University’s commitment to use-inspired research and solution focused innovation, hundreds of students and faculty members participate in this event to showcase the research and innovative thinking of the Northeastern community.

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