ALERT Students Present Research during Virtual RISE: 2020

On April 9th, Northeastern University held the 10th annual Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo (RISE) 2020 via virtual conference. The expo, traditionally held in person, provides an opportunity for students and faculty members to showcase scholarly research and fundamental discoveries that can be translated into real-world applications. This year, three ALERT students, presented projects to RISE judges and the general public.

Current ALERT students, Mahshid Asri and Elizabeth Wig, presented research work related to  a task order contract known as Maturation and Validation of Dielectric Characterization Algorithms. Mahshid and Elizabeth’s presentations focused on reducing pat-down rates at airport checkpoints by using automatic algorithms that can distinguish potentially hazardous foreign objects from the benign ones on the human body, like belts or wallets. Both student presentations were very well received by attendees. Past ALERT Science and Engineering Workforce Development Program (SEWDP) student, Joseph Robinson’s research presentation focused on addressing issues with facial recognition and face tracking within image and video data. He presented research proposing “an adversarial training framework that leverages unlabeled data to improve model performance.”

Presentation posters can be viewed online by clicking one of the links below.

We congratulate our students on their well-received presentations at Virtual RISE: 2020. We are truly impressed with the agility and resilience of the students and staff during this unprecedented time. In a short period, students, staff and faculty worked quickly to adjust this year’s event to a virtual experience, ensuring the programming and awards stayed on schedule. To learn more about the RISE program, visit

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