FAA Challenge – Smart Airport Student Competition

The Federal Aviation Administration is hosting a Smart Airport Student Competition for undergraduate and graduate students to “develop innovative ways to use smart technology in and around airports to enhance the overall travel experience.” The competition will recognize students with the ability to demonstrate innovative thinking focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of smart technology in and around the airport environment while enhancing the overall traveling experience.

The FAA hopes to stimulate and advance innovation in aviation research, promote the development of a robust aviation workforce to support a growing and evolving aerospace system, develop a pipeline to fill current and projected shortages via partnerships with academia and industry, and drive a passion for aviation in today’s youth of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, the FAA intends to incentivize university-level students at accredited US-based colleges and universities to think creatively to develop solutions to transportation technology challenges while addressing the human factors aspects of the traveler experience. and to share those innovations with the broader community.

The competition started on September 16, 2019, and ends on January 13, 2020. Visit the FAA Challenge website for more information on the submission guidelines.

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