ADSA Final Reports and Presentations

ADSA26 – Reducing the Lethality of Attacks on Soft Targets

ADSA26 Presentations

ADSA25- Protecting Surface Transportation and Other Soft Targets

ADSA25 Presentations

ADSA24 – Advancing Collaboration for Enhanced Security

ADSA24 Presentations

ADSA23 – Autonomous Security Systems

ADSA23 Presentations

ADSA22 – Reducing Operator Cognitive Load in Aviation Security Equipment

ADSA22 Presentations

ADSA21 – Effective Integrated Systems For Aviation Security

ADSA21 Presentations

ADSA20 – Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Operation of Effective Systems

ADSA20 Presentations

ADSA19 – Rapid Response to an Adapting Adversary

ADSA19 Presentations

ADSA18 – Collection and Use of Metadata for Improving Aviation Security Systems

ADSA18 Presentations

ADSA17 – Systems Engineering of Aviation Security Systems

ADSA17 Presentations

ADSA16 – Addressing the Requirements for Different Stakeholders in Transportation Security

ADSA16 Presentations

ADSA16 Final Report

ADSA15 – Next Generation Screening Technologies and Processes for the Checkpoint

ADSA15 Presentations

ADSA15 Final Report

ADSA14 – Development and Deployment of Fusible Technologies for the Checkpoint

ADSA14 Presentations

ADSA14 Final Report

ADSA13 – Screening of Personnel and Divested Items at the Checkpoint – Part II

ADSA13 Presentations

ADSA13 Final Report

ADSA12 – Personnel and Divested Items Screening at the Checkpoint

ADSA12 Presentations

ADSA12 Final Report

ADSA11 – Explosives Detection in Air Cargo – Part II

ADSA11 Presentations

ADSA11 Final Report

ADSA10 – Explosives Detection in Air Cargo

ADSA10 Presentations

ADSA10 Final Report 

ADSA09 – New Methods for Explosive Detection for Aviation Security

ADSA09 Presentations & Posters

ADSA09 Final Report

ADSA08 – Automated Threat Recognition (ATR)

ADSA08 Presentations & Posters

ADSA08 Final Report

ADSA07 – Reconstruction Algorithms for CT-based Explosion Detection Systems

ADSA07 Presentations & Posters

ADSA07 Final Report 

ADSA06 – Explosive Detection Equipment with Specific Application to Advanced Imaging Technology

ADSA06 Presentations

ADSA06 Final Report

ADSA05 – Fusing Orthogonal Technologies for Detecting Explosives

ADSA05 Final Report

ADSA04 – Advanced Reconstruction Algorithms for CT Scanning

ADSA04 Final Report

ADSA03 – Development of Advanced Algorithms for Advanced Imaging Technology

ADSA03 Final Report

ADSA02 – Implementing a Grand Challenge for Segmenting Volumetric CT Data

ADSA02 Final Report

ADSA01 – Application to the Integrated Checkpoint

ADSA01 Final Report

ADEPT presentations can be found online at:

Task Order presentations can be found online at:

ADSA18 attendees network during a break

ADSA18 was held on May 15-16, 2018 at Northeastern University.

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