ADSA07 Presentations & Posters

ADSA07 Agenda


Carl Crawford  – Call to Order

Carl Crawford  – Workshop Objectives 

Matthew Merzbacher – Image Quality Metrics for ATR

Richard Bijjani – Image Quality Metrics for ATR

Charles Bouman – IRT for few- and many-view CT

Xiaochuan Pan – Reconstructions from Real Security- and Medical-CT Data

Guang-Hong Chen – Few View and Many View Image Reconstruction in CT via PICCS

Patrick La Riviere – Sinogram Processing for Artifact Reduction

Seemeen Karimi – Tissue Segmentation in CT Metal Artifact Reduction

Johan Nuyts – IRT for polychromatic CT

Taly Gilat-Schmidt – CT Scanner Simulations

Harry Martz – Iterative reconstruction at LLNL

David Wiley – Advanced Segmentation Algorithms

Claus Bahlmann – Luggage Segmentation Challenge

Vincent Eckert –  DHS S&T Support to the Federal Protective Service

David Castañón – Video Analytics (and Homeland Security)

Carl Crawford – Call to Order Day 2

Carl Crawford – ADSA08 Discussion

Birsen Yazici – Computationally Efficient Simultaneous Edge Detection Image Formation for X-ray CT

Willem Jan Palenstijn: Combined Segmentation and Reconstruction

Oguz Semerci – Iterative Reconstruction Methods for Dual and Multi Energy Computed Tomography

Karina Bond – Metrics for Evaluation of Segmentation Algorithms

Ge Wang – Dictionary Learning for Few-view Reconstruction

W. Clem Karl – Low-Dose X-Ray CT Reconstruction Based on Joint Sinogram Smoothing and Learned Dictionary-Based Priors

Laura Parker – Explosives Division — Outreach for Advanced Algorithms

Matt Cobey – TSA Office of Security Capabilities (OSC) Testing within an Acquisition Program

Doug Pearl – Third Party Involvement and DICOM in Medical Imaging

Richard Bijjani – Accelerating 3rd party Involvement

Joseph Paresi – Integrated Defense and Security Solutions

Harry Martz – Takeaways, Next Steps

Carl Crawford – Closing Remarks


Kathryn Williams – Feasibility of Computational Methods for Realistic Simulation and Image Reconstruction for Millimeter Wave Whole-Body Imaging

Limor Eger – Classification-aware methods for explosives detection using multienergy X-ray computed tomography

Oguz Semerci – Tensor-based Multi Spectral Computerized Tomography Method for Energy Resolved Imaging and Material Characterization

Spiros Mantzavinos – Building a High Performance, Multistatic Mm-Wave Imaging Radar for AIT

Zachary Sun – Preconditioning Linear Tomography for Explosive Detection

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