ADSA09 Presentations & Posters

ADSA09 Agenda


Carl Crawford – Workshop Objectives

Taly Gilat-Schmidt – Photon-counting CT*: Potential Advantages over Conventional CT

RJ Cernick – Rapid Colour Tomographic Imaging

Patrick Radisson – Multi-Energy X-Ray Detectors

Stephen Azevedo – System-independent X-ray Characterization of Materials

Richard Bijjani – Method for Predicting False Alarms

Larry Schultz – Explosives Detection at LANL Based on Novel Magnetic Resonance Methods 

Michael Sossong – Cosmic-Ray Air Cargo Screening

Ben Cantwell – Bottle Scanner Technologies

Steve Korbly – Multi-Spectral 3D Reconstruction and Data Fusion for Contraband Detection in Cargo Containers

Arsen Hajian – A Major Advance in the State-of-the-Art in Optical Remote Sensing of Trace Compounds

Jimmie Oxley – Addressing Issues with Sample Collection

Steve Beaudoin – Understanding Contact-Based Sampling for Explosives Detection

Ryan Espy – Ambient Ionization & Miniature Mass Spectrometers for Trace Analysis of Explosives

Jerome Schmitt – An IMS with a resolution of 1,000 and parts per trillion sensitivity for ambient vapors

G. Fernández de la Mora – Detection of ambient explosive vapors at concentrations below parts per quadrillion

Carl Crawford – Call to Order Day 2

Carey Rappaport – Challenges and Opportunities for Improved Mm-Wave Whole Body AIT Threat Discrimination

Kathryn Williams – Ray Tracing Simulation Tool for PortalBased Millimeter-Wave Security Systems using the NVIDIA OptiX Ray Tracing Engine

Matthew Merzbacher – Hurdles to the Adoption of New Methods

Harry Martz – Using Neutrons to Screen for Explosives

George Zarur – Aviation Security Emergring Technologies

Octavia Camps – Where does Video Analytics go next for TSA

Charles Bouman – Iterative Image Reconstruction for Helical X-ray CT Baggage Scans

Timothy Ashenfelter – DNDO Algorithmic Needs and University Engagements

David Castañón – Algorithms and Architectures for X-Ray Diffraction Tomography

David Brady – Coding for X-ray Diffraction Imaging

Ed Morton – Detection with Spectral X-Ray Detectors and the Complimentary Method of X-Ray Diffraction

Peter Rothschild – Scatter Attenuation Tomography (SAT): A Novel X-Ray Technique for Material Identification

Erin Miller – Gratings-based phase contrast x-ray imaging for explosives detection

Lambertus Hesselink – Novel 3-D Differential Phase Contrast Imaging

Matthew Cain – Vigilance decrement: When does it happen and what might be done?

Tim White – Detection Technology Overview: What Else Should Be Discussed?

Harry Martz – Next Steps


Mustafa Ayazoglu – Tracking in Large Public Spaces

Pengchong Jin – A Method for Simultaneous Image Reconstruction and Beam Hardening Correction

Tom Hebble – In-The-Exit Video Analytics Transition Solution

Eric Miller – Target identification in multi- and dual-energy computed tomography

Yuri Álvarez – Automatic SAR Processing for Profile Reconstruction and Recognition of Dielectric Objects on the Human Body Surface

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