ADSA26 Presentations

Michael Silevitch – Welcome Remarks 

Carl Crawford – Setting the Stage 

Don Hough – School Safety 

L. Scott Parker – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Security Efforts

Pardeep Kaleka – Personal Thoughts on the Sikh Temple Shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Dan Grabski – Detecting Leakage and Threats in Digital Spaces

Subhadeep Chakraborty – Active Shooter Tracking and Evacuation Routing for Survival (ASTERS)

Max Abrahms – Terrorist Target Selection

Burcin Becerik and Gale Lucas – The Impact of Security Countermeasures on Human Behavior During Active Shooter Incidents

Pete Blair – Introduction to ALERRT and ALERRT’s Review of the Uvalde (Robb Elementary School) Shooting

Erin Miller – Terrorism and Targeted Violence in the United States

Kevin Gaddis – Update from TSA on Surface Transportation

Lisa Dolev – Domain Awareness Platform for School Safety

Ara Bagdasarian – AI-Powered Gun Detection with Automated Responses

Mark Frank – Public Knowledge and Attitudes about Biometrics and Security

Jennifer Hesterman – The Urgent Imperative for Hardening Schools

Stephanie Viegas – Introduction to the Secure Community Network (SCN)

Jay Stanley – Civil Liberties Issues Raised by Soft Target Protection

Jeremy Wolfe – Normal Blindness: Why See Something Say Something may not work

Pauline Moore – Considerations For Improving Physical Security in K-12 Schools

Jennifer King Blanchard and Jenny Kruegar – Behavior Detection

Nick Betzsold – Situational Awareness Platforms

Gerald Becker – Using LiDAR for Protecting Soft Targets

Thomas Anthony – Securing Soft Targets – A DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program

Dave Klepp – How Next-Gen Face Comparison Changes the Game for Hardening Soft Targets, Ethics and Privacy

Alexander Sappok – Advanced THz Imaging Systems to Intercept Soft Target Attacks and Facilitate Rapid Respons

Anish Goyal – Standoff Detection of Trace Explosives for the Protection of Soft Targets

Harry Martz – Summary and Next steps

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