ADEPT 02 Presentations

ADEPT-02 Agenda

David Taylor – CBP-ADEPT Introduction

Carl Crawford – Setting the Stage

Robert Watt – Keynote Address

Brian Sale – Seaport of the Future

Henrik Hvid Jensen – What is blockchain?

Jon McEntee – The Future of Direction of DHS S&T Border and Maritime Division

Adam Hutter – CBP Laboratory Topics

Isaac Maya – Benefit-Cost Analysis of Tools, Technologies and Knowledge Products

Ron McNeal – DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP)

Arun Vemury – Port of Entry – People Screening

Gad Frishman and Police Brig. Gen Efi Havivyan – Challenges for the border crossing in Israel and the main concepts of operations

Trevor Francis – UK border protection

Rosanna Robertson – Combatting Opioid Smuggling

Edward Sisco – Applications of Trace Detection in Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Jimmie Oxley – Chemical Detection of Contraband

Frank Heijmann – Innovation at Dutch Customs

Zhenyun Qian – Zero-Power Sensors for Border Protection

Steve Morrison – Practical Data Analytics for CBP

Carolina Cruz-Neira and Dirk Reiners – Image Analysis for X-rays

Romain Blanchard – Increased Safety and Speed for Narcotics Detection Using Standoff Raman

Brian Henderson – Analysis of Radiographic Images to Improve Radiological/Nuclear Threat Detection in Commercial Cargo and experience working with DHS/CBP

Natalie Heller – The Airport Risk Assessment Model (ARAM): Increasing the Effectiveness of Airport Security Countermeasures

Bree Allen – Rigaku Analytical Devices

Steve Korbly – Passport’s Detection Technology Applied to Customs’ Prohibited Items

Eric Hansen – Advances in Currency Tracking to Support Intelligence Analysis

Diederik Stolk and Graeme Goldsworthy – War Gaming Applications for Developing Novel Solutions for Contraband Detection

Richard Lareau – Screening of large volumes of cargo for contraband using ultra-sensitive atmospheric pressure chemical ionization high-resolution mass spectrometry

Ian McNaughton – Application of CT Scanning to CBP

Joost van de Griendt and Emma Wooldridge – Neutron-based Scanning System

Mathieu Guillebaud – Operational Integration with UFF and the Common Viewer System

Toby Breckon – Automatic Prohibited and Contraband Item Detection in X-ray and Computed Tomography Security Screening – A Research Snapshot

Carl Crawford – Third party involvement and communication standards

Harry Martz and Carl Crawford – Discussion, Summary and Next Steps

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