ADEPT-04 Presentations

CBP-ADEPT-04 Agenda

Carl Crawford and Harry Martz – Setting the Stage

David Taylor – CBP-ADEPT Introduction

George Acres – Future of NII Operations 

Peter Touhy – Leveraging Technology and International Partnerships to Strengthen Security

Suzy Shepherd – CBP Innovation Team

Micha Slegt – Dutch Customs Update

Johanna Estes – Interdicting Products Made with Forced Labor

Vincent Annunziato – Modernizing the Supply Chain into the 21st Century

Martin Smith – Bubble Tech’s Inspection Technologies

John Penswater – Seaport Innovation 

Nick Amitrano – Interdiction at International Mail Facilities

David Castañón – Novel Methods for Detecting Fentanyl at International Mail Facilities

Ashley Bradley – Fentanyl Reference Spectra: Aiding with Field Detection

Phillip Wilcox – Classification of Unknown Fentanyl Analogs Using Raman Spectroscopy

Sara Bracceschi – Enhanced Operator Training Tools

Michael Denning – CBP Field Experiences

Rob Forrest – Algorithm Capability Development for CBP

EJ Guillen – Video Analytics For Seaport Applications

Fred Roberts – Digital Twins and their Applications 

Jeff Evans – Application of Cloud Storage and Data for CBP Applications 

Richard John – Identifying and Prioritizing Conflicting CBP Objectives for Resource Allocation

Harry Martz – ANSI Standard Improvement 

Mary Sue Hoxie – Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM) Remote Operations

Doug White – 5G Applications at the Seaport 

Zhenyun Qian – Covert and Timeless Coastline Human Intrusion Detection Technology (CATCH-IT)

Richard Lareau – Border Screening Applications Using MION High Resolution Mass Spectrometry-based High-Throughput Vapor Detection

Tom Cassidy – Evidence for the Correlation of Increased Detection Performance

Anish Goyal – Standoff Detection of Trace Chemicals on Surfaces

Chanisa Bottali – Radioisotope Identification and Detection (RIID) equipment & Agnostic X-ray Viewer

Gabriel Becerra – High-Yield Neutron-Driven Technology for Cargo Screening

Carl Crawford and Harry Martz – Summary and Next Steps

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