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ALERT seeks to conduct transformational research, develop technology, and provide educational development to improve effective characterization, detection, mitigation, and response to explosives-related threats facing the country and the world.

ALERT by the Numbers

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An Emeritus Center of Excellence

ALERT is an Emeritus Department of Homeland Security funded Center of Excellence led by Northeastern University. Established in 2008 and then renewed under a Phase 2 award in 2013, ALERT transitioned to Emeritus status in 2021. Explore the center’s accomplishments and research from its 10 years of Office of University Programs funded university-led research.

ALERT Annual Reports

Introducing SENTRY Center of Excellence

Established in 2021 at Northeastern University, the Soft Target Engineering to Neutralize the Threat Reality (SENTRY) Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence brings together the expertise of three emeritus Centers of Excellence, CCICADA, CREATE, and ALERT, to counter the threats faced by soft target venues. As a leader in threat anomaly detection using advanced sensor technologies and signature analysis algorithms, ALERT offers SENTRY expert insights to create functional and adaptable solutions to detect and mitigate targeted violence.