Who can be an industrial partner?

Any U.S.-based* company or organization that has a need for expertise in world class subsurface sensing and imaging technologies can be a partner. Our current partners’ markets range from medical imaging to security applications. We welcome a wide variety of organizations from small start-ups to industry leaders.

* Non-U.S.-based companies will be considered for Industrial Partnership on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with applicable U. S. Federal rules and regulations.

What benefits do I get from becoming a member?

We strive to provide opportunities to help your organization succeed in a competitive environment through partnering with the center. Membership provides your group many tangible benefits: cutting edge research with low overhead, unique funding opportunities, the ability to establish new business partnerships, workforce development and a customizable membership to help leverage your resources to be the most impactful.

What is the renewal cycle for membership?

Membership renews on a yearly basis. Through our newly structured partnership agreement, a yearly renewal allows partners to dynamically realign resources committed to the center. This enables partners to direct their membership funds to match their current and future needs.

How do I become a member?

Please contact Emel Bulat, Industrial and Government Liaison Officer.

I have an existing project that I would like the center to research, can I request specific work?

Through general membership, funds can only be directed towards non-proprietary research thrusts. If you have a research project of specific interest and it includes a specifically defined product or service deliverable to your organization, the Center’s Industrial Team will be more than happy to develop a separate and mutually beneficial agreement to support this work.

I have engineering staffing/interns that would like to pursue advanced degrees, do you offer specialized programs through membership?

Yes, we continue to offer the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program. Unlike other graduate programs that can lead to high attrition, GEL is committed to helping engineers expand their capabilities and opportunities within their current organizations. Center members can choose to sponsor one student to participate in this transformational graduate program as part of their annual membership fee.

How is intellectual property that derives from core research handled?

All patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks that result from core (non-proprietary) projects belong to Northeastern University and/or other institutions comprising the Center and its affiliates. Industrial Partners are encouraged to develop royalty-bearing licenses for intellectual property developed from the non-proprietary research being conducted by the Center and its affiliates. Licenses obtained by Industrial Partners allow partners the right to sub-license to its subsidiaries.

We are a small business without a lot of liquid funds, are there opportunities for membership that do not require a monetary investment?

Yes, there are – we value our partnerships with small businesses. In-kind donations in the form of capital equipment needed by our researchers can be substituted for a monetary investment, so long as the market value exceeds $10,000.

What is ADSA?

The ADSA, an Advanced Development for Security Applications Workshop Series, was developed to address the research opportunities that may enable the development of next-generation technologies for homeland security applications. For over nine years, the ADSA has fostered in-depth dialog among members of the academic, industrial and government communities interested in improving homeland security technologies. The workshops occur twice a year and cover a variety of topics.

What is “Ask an Academic”

Get your technical questions answered by us. “Ask an Academic” connects industry partners directly with center researchers. As a member, you can pose questions to the center experts in a particular area, and get a speedy response from researchers top in their field. Use “Ask an Academic” for research related questions, consulting opportunities or collaborative projects.

Have Additional Questions?

If you have questions about Partnering with ALERT, or the Center in general, please contact us at [email protected] or call our front office M-F 8:30-5pm ET at 617-373-4673.


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