Thrust 1
Characterization & Elimination of Illicit Explosives

Thrust Leader: Jimmie Oxley, University of Rhode Island

Detection of explosives requires knowledge of the signature characteristics of various threat materials and seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What makes a chemical capable of being an explosive or of detonating?
  • Can we prevent terrorist acquisition and/or use of precursor chemicals to make explosives?
  • Are there characteristics of terrorist-used explosives that exhibit observable signatures by current or envisioned sensor systems?
  • Can we concentrate sample collection to enhance our ability to detect these signatures?
  • What properties of terrorist-used explosives pertain to safe handling and creation of realistic simulants?

Activities of this research thrust include

  1. Characterization of signatures and properties of a variety of potential threat materials;
  2. Design of protocols for safe handling and disposal of these threats, including ways to prevent common chemicals from being used to make illicit explosives while still allowing their intended uses;
  3. Determination of surface-explosive particle interaction in order to best locate and collect explosive residue.

Project Leaders

  • Joel Greenberg
    Associate Research Professor
    Duke University

Faculty and Staff

  • Gerald Kagan
    University of Rhode Island


  • Taylor Busby
    University of Rhode Island
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