Thrust 2
Trace & Vapor Sensors

Thrust Leader: Stephen P. Beaudoin, Purdue University

This thrust concentrates on understanding the fundamental problems of trace and vapor detection of explosives. The goal of this effort is to enable development of sensing systems capable of detecting ultra-low amounts of explosives which are both selective (i.e., able to reduce number of false positives and false negatives), and adaptable (i.e., can accommodate new explosives as they become threats). This effort will require fundamental materials research for next generation sensors, such as development of hybrid quantum dot/polymer array structures. The sensor concepts developed here can be integrated into sensor systems as discussed in Thrusts R3 and R4.

Project Leaders

  • Stephen P. Beaudoin
    Purdue University

Faculty and Staff

  • Byran Boudouris
    Assistant Professor
    Purdue University


  • Ahmet Cagri Aydinkarahailoglu
    University of Notre Dame
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