The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership

The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program offered through the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership in DHS Technologies at Northeastern University is an intensive, one-year graduate program directed at building a future corps of engineering leadership professionals. Take command of your career through advanced technical and leadership training with our faculty of leading educators and industry executives.

Launched in 2007 with a generous gift from the Gordon Foundation, the program provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring leaders to accelerate their careers through advanced technical and leadership training. In 2015 the Gordon Foundation reinvested in Northeastern to launch The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership. This new investment builds upon the success of the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program.

Most students pursue the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program as part of a Master of Science degree in the engineering discipline of their choice.  Upon completion, students earn both the Master of Science degree and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership.  Students who already hold a graduate degree in engineering or have more then three years experience working as a professional engineer can complete the program to earn a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership.

The program accelerates leadership development in an engineering context through a concentrated curriculum of coursework, mentoring, and a market-worthy Challenge Project. Graduates of the program, known as “Gordon Fellows,” stand out from their peers in their ability to invent, innovate, and implement engineering projects from concept to market success. These leaders demonstrate an exceptional ability to lead engineering teams by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to influence others to achieve organizational goals.  Fellows interact closely with a program staff — accomplished leaders in the engineering profession — who will impart the necessary knowledge and skills and will serve as role models for effective engineering leadership education.

Participants are typically employees of their sponsoring organization and collaboratively develop a Challenge Project that is of strategic importance to the organization. Tuition and fees are usually paid by the sponsoring organization on behalf of the participant, who also receives a salary or graduate stipend. The program enrolls high-potential students by working with organizations to develop a sponsoring arrangement that best suits the business’s needs.

Admission to the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program is competitive, and students are encouraged to apply early. For more details about the program, visit or contact a program representative at [email protected].

Transform yourself into a Leader

Gordon Fellows emerge with the capabilities and confidence to lead the engineering breakthroughs of tomorrow.

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