Industrial Collaboration

ALERT links its academic researchers with the business community, thereby fostering technology transfer and innovation.

The Center is regularly developing and procuring joint proposals with its industrial partners as well as writing white papers and collaborative proposals which result in awarded contracts.

In each case, the Center has:

  • Found the contract or grant opportunity
  • Built a relationship with the grant or contract program manager
  • Built a targeted coalition of researchers and industrial partners
  • Coordinated the effort required to develop a white paper
  • Produced (with the coalition) the financial estimates
  • Coordinated and produced the contract proposal
  • Negotiated the awarding of successful contracts
  • Program-managed the development tasks
  • Communicated with the contract customer, and
  • Managed the deliverables.


The ALERT collaboration model is a win-win model.

Government (both state and federal), industry, and academics all benefit from this collaboration. State governments receive a cost-effective stimulus for the business community, federal government sees its problems addressed by an innovative, cost-effective and reliable team and bridges are built between academia and industry.

Industry benefits from resources supplied by government contracts awarded, the transfer of research and innovation from academia, and relationships with academia and other business partners. Academic partners obtain resources for research and innovation from these same contracts, see their research and innovation transferred to industry, and build relationships with government and industrial organizations.

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The Partnership

ALERT is led by Northeastern University (NEU) and includes three key academic strategic partners: Boston University, Purdue University, and University of Rhode Island (URI).

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