ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (ADVANCE) NSF 12-584, replaces NSF 10-593

DUE:      Letter of Intent Due (required) 05 October  2012 for Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation and Dissemination (PAID)

04 October 2013  for Institutional Transformation (IT) and IT Catalyst (IT-Catalyst)

Full Proposal      08 November  2012 for Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation and Dissemination (PAID)

12 November  2013  for Institutional Transformation (IT) and Institutional Transformation Catalyst (IT-Catalyst)

LIMITS:  NU may submit only one Institutional Transformation proposal or one IT-Catalyst proposal. There is no limit on the number of PAID proposals that can be submitted.  IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO SUBMIT FOR IT or IT-Catalyst PLEASE CALL WITTMANN ( -3836)  IMMEDIATELY AND SEND  A WHITE PAPER FOR AN INTERNAL COMPETITION WHO CAN GO FORWARD ( ADDRESS AND FORMAT IN LIMITED SUBMISSION URL ABOVE)  BY NO LATER THAN 04 August 2013  ( I hope I will send out another “warning” by that time)

AWARD:   22 awards totaling $9.9M covering both FY13 and FY14.  Approximately $4,600,000 will be available for the FY2013 competition and approximately $5,300,000 will be available for the FY2014 competition.  Approximately six (6) Institutional Transformation five-year awards, at various award sizes; Up to six (6) IT-Catalyst awards with durations of two years and total budgets of approximately $200,000 each; and up to ten (10) PAID awards, of various durations, not exceeding a maximum of $750,000 for 5 years.

SCOPE:  The goal of the ADVANCE program is to develop systemic approaches to increase the representation and advancement of women in academic STEM careers, thereby contributing to the development of a more diverse science and engineering workforce.  ADVANCE also has as its goal to seminally contribute to and inform the general knowledge base on gender equity in the academic STEM disciplines.  To this end, ADVANCE will support the following types of projects:

–           Institutional Transformation (IT)  awards are expected to include innovative and systemic organizational approaches to transform institutions of higher education in ways that will increase the participation and advancement of women in STEM academic careers.

–           Institutional Transformation Catalyst (IT-Catalyst, formerly IT-Start)  awards are designed to support historically resource-challenged institutions in their efforts to conduct institutional self-assessment activities in order to identify specific issues in the recruitment, retention and promotion of women faculty in STEM disciplines.

–           Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID)  awards may focus on one institution or organization, or they may be a partnership between several institutions and/or organizations. PAID projects can focus on all STEM disciplines, several disciplines, or only one discipline, including the social and behavioral sciences. Projects may have an international, national, regional or local scope.

Previous or current funding from ADVANCE is not a prerequisite for submitting a PAID proposal. Any institution meeting the minimum eligibility requirements may apply for a PAID award (see Eligibility Information below).


–            Kelly Mack, (703) 292-8575, email: [email protected]

–            Amy Rogers, (703) 292-5178, email: [email protected]

–            Patricia Simms, (703)292-7869, email: [email protected]

Please see URL for more details:

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