Letter of Intent (required)  06 September 2012

Preliminary Proposal (required)  10 October  2012

Full Proposal 08 February  2013

AWARD:   12 to 16  4-year awards totaling $32M in FY13

SCOPE:  This solicitation is a funding opportunity for interdisciplinary teams of researchers to embark on rapidly advancing frontiers of fundamental engineering research. For this solicitation, we will consider proposals that aim to investigate emerging frontiers in the following three specific research areas:

Flexible Bioelectronics Systems (BioFlex),

Origami Design for Integration of Self-assembling Systems for Engineering Innovation (ODISSEI), and

Photosynthetic Biorefineries (PSBR).

This solicitation will be coordinated with the Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences and the Directorate for Biological Sciences within NSF. Additionally, interest within other Federal agencies, specifically Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), may lead to an interagency effort in support of certain PSBR and ODISSEI projects. Proposals submitted under the PSBR and ODISSEI topics may be shared with interested representatives from AFOSR.  EFRI seeks proposals with transformative ideas that represent an opportunity for a significant shift in fundamental engineering knowledge with a strong potential for long term impact on national needs or a grand challenge. The proposals must also meet the detailed requirements delineated in this solicitation.

INFORMATION WEBCAST: The EFRI Office held an information workshop on September 22, 2011 to discuss EFRI programs and answer questions about the solicitation. Since the FY12 topics are repeated for FY13, the information on the Webcast remains current.  Details are posted on the EFRI website.


–           Sohi Rastegar, Director of EFRI,  (703) 292-8305, email: [email protected]

–            Garie Fordyce, (703) 292-4603, email: [email protected]

TOPIC 1: Flexible Bioelectronics Systems, (BioFlex)

–           Usha Varshney,  ENG/ECCS, (703) 292-8339, email: [email protected]

–            Leon Esterowitz, ENG/CBET,  (703) 292-7942, email: [email protected]

TOPIC 2: Origami Design for Integration of Self-, assembling Systems for Engineering Innovation (ODISSEI)

–           Clark Cooper, ODISSEI ENG/CMMI,  (703) 292-7899, email: [email protected]

–            Christina L. Bloebaum, ENG/CMMI,  (703) 292-8611, email: [email protected]

TOPIC 3: Photosynthetic Biorefineries (PSBR)

–           George Antos, ENG/CBET,  (703) 292-4997, email: [email protected]

–            Bruce K. Hamilton, ENG/CBET,  (703) 292-8320, email: [email protected]

–           Ram Gupta, ENG/CBET,  (703) 292-2407, email: [email protected]

Please see URL for more details: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2012/nsf12583/nsf12583.htm?WT.mc_id=USNSF_25&WT.mc_ev=click

EFRI Website: www.nsf.gov/eng/efri

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