NSF RFP for Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES)


TITLE: Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES)
NSF 13-500

URL: http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&oppId=203334

DUE: Letter of Intent (required) 04 December 2012 and first Tuesday in December, annually thereafter
Full Proposal Deadline 05 February 2013 and first Tuesday in February, annually thereafter

AWARD: 12 to 20 awards totaling $12M

SCOPE: The Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program aims to advance interdisciplinary research in which the science and engineering of sustainability are enabled by new advances in computing, and where computational innovation is grounded in the context of sustainability problems. Computational approaches play a central role in understanding and advancing sustainability. CyberSEES supports research on all sustainability topics that depend on advances in computational areas including optimization, modeling, simulation, prediction, and inference; large-scale data management and analytics; advanced sensing techniques; human computer interaction and social computing; infrastructure design, control and management; and intelligent systems and decision-making. Additionally, the widespread, intensive use of computing technologies also introduces sustainability challenges and motivates new approaches across the lifecycle of technology design and use. . While the scope of CyberSEES is broad the NSF and SRC ERI collaboration within CyberSEES focuses on cyber-enabled sustainability research that addresses computational aspects of smart infrastructures, in particular the smart electric grid.

–           Kenneth Whang, CISE,  (703) 292-5149, email: [email protected]
–            Krishna Kant, CISE,  (703) 292-8950, email: [email protected]
–            Phillip Regalia, CISE,  (703) 292-8910, email: [email protected]
–            Clifford Jacobs, GEO,  (703) 292-4705, email: [email protected]
–            Irene Qualters, OCI, (703) 292-2339, email: [email protected]
–            David McGinnis, SBE, (703) 292-7307, email: [email protected]
–            Michael Steuerwalt, MPS, (703) 292-4860, email: [email protected]
–            Julie A. Dickerson, BIO, (703) 292-8167, email: [email protected]
–            David Haury, EHR,  (703) 292-5102, email: [email protected]
–            Bruce K. Hamilton, ENG, (703) 292-8320, email: [email protected]
–            Erica Key, OPP, (703) 292-8029, email: [email protected]
–            Paul Werbos, ENG, (703) 292-8339, email: [email protected]
–            Robert Havemann, SRC ERI, (919) 941-9443, email: [email protected]

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