NSF RFP for Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellows (NSF SEES Fellows)

TITLE:  NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellows  (NSF SEES Fellows)

NSF 12-601, replaces NSF 11-575


DUE:      26 November 2012

21 November  2013 and third Thursday in November, annually thereafter

AWARD:  15 to 20 awards totaling $7M

SCOPE:  Through the SEES Fellows Program, NSF seeks to advance science, engineering, and education to inform the societal actions needed for environmental and economic sustainability and human well-being while creating the necessary workforce to address these challenges. The Program’s emphasis is to facilitate investigations that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and address issues of sustainability through a systems approach, building bridges between academic inquiry, economic growth, and societal needs. The Fellow’s proposed investigation must be interdisciplinary and allow him/her to obtain research experiences beyond his/her current core disciplinary expertise. Fellows are required to develop a research partnership(s) that will advance and broaden the impact/scope of the proposed research, and present a plan for their own professional development in the area of sustainability science and engineering.  Only  U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


–           Charles D. Pibel, MPS (703) 292-4971, email: [email protected]

–           Larry Weber, Geosciences, (703) 292-7240, email: [email protected]

–            Fahmida N. Chowdhury, SBE,  (703) 292-4672, email: [email protected]

–            Paul “Wyn” Jennings, HER,  (703) 292-5307, email: [email protected]

–            Carole Read, Engineering,  (703) 292-2418, email: [email protected]

–            John H. Reppy, CCIS,  (703) 292-7849, email: [email protected]

–            Samuel M. Scheiner, BIO,  (703) 292-7175, email: [email protected]

–            John E. Snyder, International Science and Engineering,  (703) 292-8572, email: [email protected]


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