ONR BAA for FY14 Communications and Networking Discovery and Invention


TITLE:  FY14 Communications and Networking Discovery and Invention
ONR BAA13-008

Grants.gov URL:  http://www07.grants.gov/search/search.do?&mode=VIEW&oppId=224793

DUE:      White Paper  19 April 2013
Proposal  28 June 2013

AWARD:  6 awards totaling $2M

SCOPE:  Proposals for potential FY14 Exploratory Development/Applied Research  projects are sought under the following focus areas:

  1. Low-profile conformal multi-band (e.g., X/Ku/Ka) multi-beam digital phased array antennas with reduced beam squint and low side lobes and scan loss;
  2. Transformative concepts/designs (arrays, waveform, signal processing etc.) to enhance performance and aperture size/power efficiency in high bandwidth troposcatter communications;
  3. Passive wavelength filter technologies for the 450-550 nm blue-green underwater communications receiver (band-pass widths as applicable to a variety of laser/LED sources), with wide field-of-view (> +-20 degrees), low insertion loss and high isolation;
  4. Innovative concepts and approaches for spectrum co-existence (underlay/overlay, spatio-temporal/spectral management and deconfliction) of military waveforms with commercial wireless communications;
  5. Dynamic network (traffic) scheduling, throughput and robustness enhancement codes/algorithms/protocols under nonstationary channel conditions; and
  6. Machine learning algorithm/protocol and techniques for autonomous network management ONR is also receptive to highly innovative ideas in other general communications and networking areas that are not within the designated focus areas above, but nonetheless are important to the Navy/Marine Corps, as determined under the synopsis section above.


  • Dr. Santanu Das, ONR Code 312 — Communications and Networking Science and Technology, email: [email protected]
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