ADSA05 – May 3 & 4th, 2011

The fifth workshop in the Algorithm Development for Security Applications (ADSA) series, this workshop will focus on fusing orthogonal technologies for detecting explosives for aviation applications.This event is by invitation only. For details about this event: ALERT Offices, [email protected]

This focus was chosen for the following reasons, which were articulated by the participants at the first four ADSA workshops:

  • A single modality does not exist to meet all the DHS’s future detection requirements
  • There are algorithmic and operational issues when technologies are fused

The technologies that will be covered are:

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD), along with diffraction enhanced and index of refraction imaging
  • Quadrupole resonance (QR)
  • Raman scatter
  • Explosive trace detection (ETD) and sampling schemes
  • Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy (THZ)

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