ALERT Student Receives First Michael B. Silevitch Scholarship

Thurston Brevett, ALERT Student Researcher, Receives First Michael B. Silevitch Exemplary Engineering Leadership Fund Scholarship

Thurston Brevett, an NU undergraduate studying for the BS in Electrical Engineering working on ALERT research under the direction of Professor Carey Rappaport, is the inaugural recipient of the Michael B. Silevitch Exemplary Engineering Leadership Fund Scholarship. Thurston has been involved with ALERT research since the fall of 2013 and has exhibited the leadership expected of students receiving this scholarship award through his efforts working with and mentoring other undergraduate and new graduate students on research projects in Prof. Rappaport’s lab including millimeter wave radar imaging of concealed threats by developing reconstruction algorithms to characterize slabs of non-metallic affixed to the body. In addition, Thurston has undertaken another leadership position through his current role as the Pre-collegiate Initiative Chairperson for the Northeastern Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

This award was established by ALERT Director, Professor Michael B. Silevitch with proceeds that he received as co-recipient of the 2015 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Engineering Education. Dr. Silevitch and Simon Pitts, Director of the Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership, received this prestigious honor from the National Academy of Engineering for their leadership and impact on the university’s Gordon Engineering Leadership Program.

Congratulations, Thurston!

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