ADSA22 Presentations

ADSA22 Agenda

Carl Crawford – Setting the Stage

Jason Lim – TSA Identity Management: CAT-2 Overview

Matt Gilkeson – Innovation Task Force (ITF)

Jason Hull – Non-Explosives Prohibited Items (PI) Detection

David Farcht and Daniel Williams – On-Person Screening Capability Management

Melissa Conley – TSA COVID Response

Craig Mosford – Checked Baggage Capability

Jeff Middleton – PPBE-S Framework Overview

John Fortune – Screening at Speed

Matthew Merzbacher – Improving Operator Performance High Level Perspective

Stephen Mitroff and Bonnie Kudrick – Impact of Trust in Automation on Human Performance

Kristopher Korbelak – Cognitive Assistance at TSA

Jeremy Wolfe – Rare Threats Pose Cognitive Challenges

David Huegli – Automation Reliability, human Machine System Performance and Operator Compliance

Daniela Buser – Time on Task and Detection Performance in Cabin Baggage X-ray Screening

Harry Collins – Public Misunderstanding of Measurement Errors in Video Assistant Refereeing

Matthew Merzbacher – Improving on Imperfection

Toby Breckon – Faking it -Threat Image Projection within 3D Computed Tomography Scanners

James Intriligator – Next-Gen Luggage Scanner Pperations: Processes, Interfaces, and Tools

David Castanon – Simulated Air Cargo

Austin Silva – OPSL (Open Platform Software Library) 2020 Updates

Lambertus Hesselink – Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) Enabled Checkpoint and Checked Bag X-ray Scanners

Nathan Adderson – Deterrence Impact on Risk Evaluation

Ron Soferman – AI Technology for 3D reconstruction of Knees from X-ray Images

Igor Novosselov – Aerodynamic Particle Resuspension and Non-Contact Surface Sampling

Nian Sun – Highly Sensitive and Specific Gas Sensors for Instant Detection of Pathogens from the Air

Celia Merzbacher – Quantum-based Technologies: Overview and Application to Aviation Security

Ben Herbig and Tim Lorenzen – An Airline Perspective on Seeking Innovation

Michael Lanzaro – Hi-Throughput Ultra-Wideband Concealed Weapons Detection

Bachir Kharraja – Standoff Detection of Chemical Threats on Shipped Parcels

Vito Levi D’Ancona – Detection of Concealed Threats on People in Uncontrolled Public Spaces and in Bags/Containers

Jimmie Oxley – Advances in Explosive Detection Using Vapor

Harry Martz – Summary and Next Steps

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