ADEPT-05 Presentations

ADEPT-05 Agenda 

Chelsea Thompson – Welcoming Remarks

David Taylor – CBP-ADEPT Introduction

Harry Martz – Setting the Stage

Romelito Lapitan – Precognition of Inbound Biological Threats

Chijioke (Chino) Nwachukwu – Operational Challenges with Automated Detection – The UK’s Perspective

Micha Slegt – Operational Challenges with Automated Detection – Dutch Perspective

Jonathan Morten – Operational Challenges with Automated Detection – New Zealand Perspective

Ash Bell – Operational Challenges with Automated Detection – Australian Perspective

Roland Suliveras Jr. – CBP Challenges – Review

Matthew Merzbacher – Vendor Perspective on Algorithm Deployment

Jeffrey Barber – Container Advancements

Michael Schneider – Decision Superiority AI

Amit Juneja – Human-in-the-loop AI technology for Capturing Textual and visual Information from Technical Documents with Application to Manifest Analysis

Harry Martz – Call to Order & Setting the Stage

Heidi Komkov – Intra-class Data Augmentation with Deep Generative Models of Threat Objects in Baggage Radiographs

Jonathan Crawford – A Fresh Look at AI 

Rob Forrest – Development and Deploying Algorithms and Data for CBP – National Lab Perspective

David Castanon – Video Analytics for CBP

David Smason – A Different View: Creating Algorithms for User-Independent Manifest Verification in Container Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII)

David Coccarelli – Application of X-Ray Diffraction to CBP

Simon Godber – European Organization for Security Open Architecture API Standard

Anthony Dicken – Parcel and Letter Security for Postal and Express Courier Flows (PARSEC)

Aaron Couture – American Science and Engineering’s Development of a Multi-Energy Portal (MEP) with Emphasis on Automatic Detection of Illicit Materials

Joseph Bendahan – CT Air Cargo Inspection System and its Concepts of Operation

Denis Dujmic – Data Quality and Availability for Algorithm Development

Bobby Watt – Truck/Passenger Vehicle Land Border Model Port Concept

Sam Song – Technology and Experience Being a Third Party Algorithm Developer

Harry Martz – Summary and Next Steps

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