ADSA15 Presentations

ADSA15 Agenda

Carl Crawford – Workshop Objectives

Keith Goll – Office of Security Capabilities System Architecture

Mara Winn – Office of Security Capabilities

John Morgan – TSA Requirements Analysis Platform

Benjamin Jones – UK Perspectives on Checkpoint Screening

Paolo Salieri – EU Security Research 

Jimmie Oxley – Perspectives on checkpoint security: airline, vendor, passenger, terrorist – panel discussion

Michael Egnoto – Understanding the adoption process of national security technology: An integration of diffusion of innovations and volitional behavior theories

Lisa Dolev – Adaptive Learning, Venue Protection and Experience at Rio 2016 Olympics

Malcolm Slaney – Does Content Matter?

David Nahamoo – Cognitive Computing: Progress & Challenges

Homer Pien – AI and Analytics in Healthcare

Michael Ellenbogan – Security that works in a CHANGING WORLD

Steven Urchuk – Analogic Checkpoint CT

Patricia Krall – IDSS DETECT™ 1000 Advanced Checkpoint Scanner

Jens-Peter Schlomka – X-ray diffraction imaging – achievements and challenges

Dan Strellis – Coherent x‐ray scatter (CXS) for material discrimination at a checkpoint

Mircea Tudor – Aircraft Scanning – Innovative Security Solution for Bomb Threat Clearing

Kang Lee – Transdermal Optical Imaging™: A new frontier of threat & deception detection

Mark Handler – Presentation to: ADSA15 Next Generation Screening Technologies for the Checkpoint

Matthew Merzbacher – Deterrence: Is it effective and how to make it better

Carl Crawford – Call to Order Day 2

Steve Skrzypkowiak – DICOS 2A Status

Harry Martz – Adaptive Automated Threat Recognition (AATR)

Venkatesh Saligrama – Zero-Shot Learning

Lee Spanier – Accelerating AIT Certification Tests

Robert Klueg – Simulant Verification and Validation

Andrew Wantuch – A Generalizable Radiography Algorithm Test Environment for NDE Applications

Matthew Merzbacher – Deep Neural Nets (& Security) from ZIP codes to Autonomous Vehicles

Jonathan Cushing – Estimation and Detection Information Tradeoff for X-ray System Optimization

Tim Rayner – Checkpoint Technology Enabling Effective Screening of Bottles and Portable Electronics

Carey Rappaport – Improved Millimeter-Wave Radar Concealed-Threat Person Scanning

Elizabeth Wig – Ray-Based Model for Material Characterization Using Mm-Wave Scanner

David Paquette – The SAFETY Act and Business

John Mueller – Trade-offs to increasing security and adding checkpoints

Graeme Goldsworthy – Improving Aviation Security through scenario based gaming

Robert Haupt – Photoacoustic Sensing of Explosives (PHASE)

Eric Miller – Compton Scatter Imaging

Cindy Fang – Attribute-Based Searching and 36o Surveillance Video

Shawn Dagg – Video-Based Pedestrian Analytics

Rodger Dickey – Using High Definition Animation in Modeling & Simulating Emerging Checkpoint Security Systems That May Require TSA Funding Support for Facility Modifications

Harry Martz – What was heard? What was not heard? What’s next?

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